The Rook

The Rook

  • Spatial Learning

  • To Arouse the Imagination

  • To Practice Learning and Remembering Rules and Principles

  • The Rook

    • The Properties of the Rook

    • The Movement of the Rook along Files and Ranks


Beginning the Class & Review of the Previous Lesson

Beginning the Class & Review of the Previous Lesson The

  • Chess Song (the text of the songs can be found in Lesson One)

  • Chess Piece - Movement Game (see Lessons Three-Five for details)

  • Review Questions from the Previous Lesson

    • The teacher reviews the names and functions of the chess pieces.

5 min



The Rook

5 min

The Rook

*If there is no screen/projector please use the Story at the end of the lesson plan.


Movement Game

The “Clean the Rook’s Room” Game(on the mini-Giant Board)

7 min

The “Clean the Rook’s Room” Game

  • The Backstory:

    • “Two brother Rooks have been playing together it their room. Their mother has offered to take them on a trip, but only after they’ve cleaned their room. You have to help them clean up, by moving the Rook along the Files and Ranks.

  • The Rules of the Game

    • The teacher spreads out the mini-Giant Board, and on the board he distributes various game units (Lego, flowers and such).

    • The teacher appoints two students to collect the units, walking along the Files and Ranks in the manner of a Rook.

      • One student is the White Rook, while the other is the Black Rook.

      • Each student must move his/her Rook one turn at a time.

        • The students, however, should not capture the opponent’s Rook in this game.

    • Whoever collects the units fastest wins.


Pairs Game

Table Sets

The Coin Game

The Coin Game

  • The teacher divides the class into pairs.

  • The teacher distributes chess boards, a Rook, and some coins/ various game units to each pair.

  • One student places the coins on various Squares, and the other student must collect the coins by moving the Rook along the Files and Ranks.

7 min


ChessMatec Problem-Solving

5 min

  • Level 1; Step 1: Rook

    • Challenges 1—3

(The teacher displays the puzzles, using a projector or television, and guides the class through the problem-solving process. 


Workstations in Rotation

1. ChessMatec App 

2. Worksheet

3. Team Play

15 min

Workstations in Rotation


(The teacher separates the class into groups/workstations at his/her discretion and allows the students to move freely between the workstations as they complete their tasks).


    • Level 1; Step 1: Rook
      • Challenges 1—6

        • The teacher should make regular use of the “dashboard” to track the students’ progress.

  • Team Play: The students play a game of chess in pairs (on tournament chess sets).

  • Worksheet: The Rook



Conclusion of Lesson

5 min

Conclusion of Lesson*


  • Review Questions:

    • “How many Rooks does the White Kingdom? Black?”

      • Each kingdom has 2 Rooks.

    • “What are the characteristics of the Rook?”

      • The Rook is a loyal, straight shooter.

    • “Where do the Rooks stand at the beginning of the Game?”

      • On the corners of the board

    • “How does the Rook move?”

      • In straight lines, along the Files and Ranks 

  • Homework:


*See Lesson One for details.

Story Time

*If there is no screen/projector for the video please use the Story.

Exploring the Kingdom of Chess 

7 min

Story Time

(The teacher should present each story in an animated and theatrical manner, using the chess board whenever possible, and fully engaging the students).


Meet the Rooks!

Today we’re going to start learning about the chess pieces in detail. The first piece we’re going to learn about is one of the strongest pieces in the kingdom: the Rook!

The Rook is a tall tower made of solid stone. There are four Rooks on the chess board—two white ones and two Black ones—and they are all very important. Do you know why? Because the Rook are the royal guards of the Kingdom of Chess.

The Rooks are very righteous pieces: the take a very straightforward approach to everything. That is why they move in straight lines, along Files and Ranks. And because the Rooks are so strong, they can move many Squares at a time. In fact, they can move from one side of the board to the other in one turn! Because of our great love and respect for the Rooks, we have written them a song...The Rook Song:


We are the Rooks.

We love straight lines!

We stand in the corners,

And move side to side!


How the Rooks were Chosen to Guard he Kingdom*

The Kingdom of Chess was surrounded by forests. Anyone entering the forests had to be very careful, because there was a wolf that roamed the area. When the wolf was hungry, he would look for something to eat. Sometimes the wolf would catch a sheep. Shepherds from both the kingdoms were very worried and appealed to the two Kings, the Black King and the White King.

One day, the kings decided to put an end to this situation. They called for an emergency meeting and invited all their best advisors: the Rooks, the Bishops, and the Knights. Together they discussed how they could guard the kingdom against the evil wolf.

The Bishops were the first to volunteer to guard the fields. They pointed out that they could run from field to field, and if they saw the wolf they would blow the trumpets and the hunters would come! But the Kings dismissed the suggestion. The wise Kings realized that in the time it would take for the hunters to arrive, the wolf could easily get away...with a sheep.

Next, the Knights offered their own suggestion: They would guard the fields! They would ride from field to field, chasing away the wolf, whenever he appeared. But the wise Kings realized that plan would endanger the horses, and declined the Knights’ offer.

Then the rooks stood up and said:

“We’re the only ones in the whole kingdom who are made of stone and we have always protected the little princes with success. Now they are older and like to play on horses, so let the knights guard the princes and we will guard the entire kingdom!”

“How will you do it?” asked the kings.

“We will stand in high towers on the four corners of the kingdom—each tower will contain one Rook. We will look in two directions: across the Ranks and down the Files. The wolf will have no chance of getting through!”

Everyone loved the idea, and the two Kings declared that from that day forth, the Rooks would stand guard on high towers at the corners of kingdom, from which they would look across the Ranks and down the Files and, if necessary, rush forwards or sideways to chase away the wolf!


We are the Rooks.

We love straight lines!

We stand in the corners,

And move side to side!

See You Next Time in the Kingdom of Chess

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